396 Days ’til 40: Identity and Value

22 Jan

Who am I???

I have many labels….  I am:

My passport number.

My bank account.

My social security number.

My driver’s license.

My library card.

My student ID.

My airline ticket.

My birth certificate.

My transcripts.

My credentials.

My diplomas.

Am I more?

What is my value???

My paycheck.

My tax return.

My title.

My checking account.

My investments.

My assets.

Is it more?

What if identity had nothing to do with finite labels and everything to do with infinite possibility?

What if value had nothing to do with material possession and everything to do with infinite impact?


I am a mother, striving to be more involved.

I am a partner, yearning to love even more.

I am a friend, wanting to be there, even when I can’t.

I am a daughter, knowing I am one phone call short, but connected all the same.

I am a colleague, desiring to make a difference.

I am a boss, eager to lead with passion and compassion.

I am an educator, aching to impart to the next generation wisdom and hope for their future.


Making a friend smile.

Enabling a sister to cry.

Stimulating a child’s laughter.

Sharing a parent’s joy.

Encouraging an individual’s growth.

Redirecting a teen’s anger and rage.

Imparting the knowledge to many people that they too have value and impact……

and that value is NOT linked to documents or identity.

Identity and value are found in depths of the soul~  and sometimes need a guide to shine a light in the direction of their discovery.  When a person understands their great value, the impact they make on our world flows naturally.  That impact is their true identity.

Numbers do not define.



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