390 Days ’til 40: Rain

28 Jan

“I love the rain – it washes memories off the sidewalk of life.”  ~ Woody Allen (Play it Again Sam)

I also love the rain – for so many reasons.

1.  We NEED rain – we are in a drought, so whenever it rains we are happy that the earth around us it getting what it needs.

2.  It is refreshing – it does seem to wash something away.  (In fall and spring here the rain will literally wash the dirt out of the air – which is great for breathing, but makes our cars a muddy mess).

3.  It reminds me of fireplaces and mugs of hot chocolate.

4.  It forces you to stay inside and snuggle (that is, unless you have to be at work – if you have to be at work, see my post on work/life balance).

5.  It collaborates with the sun to make rainbows.  🙂

I know that rain depresses many people, but it makes me happy, and nostalgic for my childhood.  As a child, when it would rain I would lay on the sidewalk facing the sky, watch the clouds roll by and let the rain pour down on me.  I wonder what my mother would have said if she caught me (I did this countless times).  Thankfully the southern California weather of my youth allowed me to do this without endangering my health.

In college every few months I would walk and play in the rain until I got soaking wet and would then take a long, hot shower and sit down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

I think rain has healing qualities for people in addition to the healing it brings to our dry soil.  I am not sure we can quantify or even qualify the healing qualities, but I do believe they are there.

Today, as the rain pours down, I will have a quiet Saturday.  I will take time to catch up on my work, naps, and hot chocolate consumption.

Until tomorrow, may the rain you encounter be a cleansing force in your life~


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