385 Days ’til 40: One Size Fits All???

02 Feb


Okay, how many of you out there have heard about or read those infamous sizing labels that claim to be “one size fits all”????  Really???  REALLY???  The thing that I find so hilarious about these labels is that one size does not even come close to fitting all…in fact, they often do not even come close to fitting a normal size human being!

I have some recent inspiration for writing about these labels.  I was filling a prescription for my daughter in a local pharmacy recently when I came across the most amazing looking thermal tights.  It is VERY cold here in the winter, but I love wearing skirts, so I thought these would be PERFECT.  I checked the size and it was “one size fits all.”  They did not have feet, so height would not be an issue…. I was excited to try these cozy things on a cold rainy day.

Today was that day.  When I got out of the shower I reached for my brand-new warm “one size fits all” tights.  They were cozy (the lining felt like the lining of a new cotton sweatshirt, all soft and fuzzy).  I LOVED them.  I loved them over my toes, and past my ankles and calves.  I even loved them over my knee caps…..  and then my love affair abruptly halted.  I could not love them over my thighs…  I was fighting and wrestling and bargaining with them over my thighs.  WHAT……THE……. HELL?????  I have a completely average height, weight and BMI.  I am NOT overweight.  I am equally proportioned… but these “one size fits all” tights were determined to hold a sit-in on my freaking knee caps.

I was determined to win this battle – slowly I inched up extra fabric from around the ankle, pulling and pulling.  Eventually I did get the suckers fully on my body.  They felt wonderful from the knees down and oddly shaped from my thighs to my waist.  I was determined to wear them all day – and they did keep me warm, albeit with a bit of an unusual waddle to my step.

IF a manufacturer is truly going to make something “one size fits all” I believe it at least needs to fit all sizes in a healthy weight range – otherwise it should say “one size fits all skinny girls” – it seems it is false advertising.

In all fairness to the garment industry, I have seen many “one size fits all” shirts that would be huge on me.  I have also seen many clothing manufacturers absolve themselves of the “one size fits all” false advertising guilt by changing the phrase to “once size fits most”.

Our society just isn’t a “once size fits all” society, and that is okay.  Perhaps if we all could embrace the fact that we are a bright collage of colors and sizes and shapes then our self-esteem would not be harmed when we cannot vacuum pack ourselves into mis-labelled clothing.

One size will never fit all, and I don’t really want it to – do you?


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