379 Days ’til 40: Prop 8!

08 Feb

I do not really want this blog to be political… but sometimes, particularly as history is being made in front of our very eyes, it is too important to pass up.

Today , 379 days ’til I turn 40, the 9th Circuit Court of California upheld the motion that ruled Prop 8 unconstitutional.  Here are some articles from the news:

Today was a historic day.  Whether or not you choose to support Prop 8 is irrelevant, we are watching history unfold regardless.

I hope that this ruling is appealed – why?  Because I WANT to see this case go to the supreme court so that this issue can be resolved once and for all – for all Americans in all states.

Thank you California 9th Circuit Court.  It gives me hope that you can look at humanity above religious pressure and popular opinion.  It gives me hope that you put rights above fear of change.

Happy Prop 8 Day!!!!



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