378 Days ’til 40: Who’s Cyberstalking YOU???

09 Feb

So, just WHO is cyberstalking you????  You must be curious – I know I am.  I am employed in a position where I work with many people.  I am CERTAIN that I am googled all the time so that the individuals I work with can find whatever dirt they think may be able to find about me online.  The thing is, I can’t really get angry over this, because I ALSO google them – seeing what information I can learn about them from their footprints left in cyberspace……  what a different world we live in from what I started my career over 20 years ago!

I am worried about two things, and it is not patrons of my place of work or my employees googling me specifically that makes me worried….

1.  I worry if patrons or employees are googling me in hopes to stir up trouble – if that is the goal, well, then that is just sad.

2.  I worry about exes (okay, I can count them on one hand, actually, one finger) tracking me online to see what I am up to (mind you, it would feel perfectly acceptable to me to track someone online – a complete double standard.)

One thing I have learned to do is google myself every month or so – this way I can see what my patrons are seeing.  If there is something attached to you online that should not be (or is an embarrassing post/ site/ etc. from your younger years) remove it – it is best to not leave a footprint in a place you really do not want people to know you have stepped.

The other thing I am more keenly aware of is internet scams and internet identity theft.  If google shows you having memberships to sites you do not regularly use or plan to use, delete them – help remove your cyber footprint – for your own protection.

Enough of the rant and pedestal.

Be careful online, google yourself (everyone you come in contact with will google you – better to know beforehand what they will discover), and relax – life is too short to constantly focus on cyberspace.


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