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337 Days ’til 40: Climbing the Mountains in Our Lives

We all have them, challenges in our lives that feel as big as a mountain.  Sometimes the only way to face the challenges in our lives is to climb the mountain!  But HOW do we cope with challenges in our lives?  Are we able to rise to the occasion or do we crumble, frozen in fear and unable to cope? Read the rest of this entry »


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344 Days ’til 40: PMS Explanation or Excuse? Fact or Fiction?

PMS – Three little initials that can send the best of us running to hide (whether we are experiencing PMS or the wrath of another person’s PMS).  BUT, is it fact or fiction?  Explanation or excuse?

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348 Days ’til 40: A Walk in Nature

Have you ever noticed how calming it can be to take a break from the rat race of our fast-paced lives and immerse ourselves in nature?  I find that a walk through the forest or a stroll down the beach can be very relaxing – they allow us to spend a few golden moments at a different pace – and this is so healthy for us.  Yet, Read the rest of this entry »


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353 Days ’til 40: Saying What You REALLY Feel

Do you often find yourself struggling to repress your “real feelings”?  Do you find that your words do not match your authentic self?  When face to face with another person can you live and speak your truth?

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366 Days ’til 40: Birthday Blues or Birthday Bliss???

I always find it fascinating to see the way in which people relate to their birthdays.  Some individuals want lavish parties and bask in the glow created by buckets of attention heaped upon them.  Others are horrified when personal attention comes their way and they would rather allow their birthdays to pass quietly.  Some Read the rest of this entry »


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