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24 Days ’til 40: Occupational HAZARDS


This post is dedicated to and inspired by my partner, who claims that I write too many, “go take a bath and feel good about yourself” posts and do not write enough about real life and the predicaments I sometimes manage to get myself into.  So, here is that blog – the entry that shows how utterly human I am…. don’t laugh too hard, okay? Read the rest of this entry »


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46 Days ’til 40: Perfect Moments


Yesterday we spent the day at the pier.  We really enjoyed running around in one of those rare sunny moments in the middle of winter.  My girls stood by the water watching the waves and then started to jump up and down, yelling for me.  They were so excited to show me the bird standing on the rock.  Then, I was lucky enough to capture the bird on film as it started to fly away. Read the rest of this entry »


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