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168 Days ’til 40: When Others Judge You


If you are human (and I am guessing you are if you are reading this post) then at some point in your life you have most likely been judged by others.  This can be such a hard experience – feeling labelled and trapped and stereotyped by people who may not even truly know you.  It can be infuriating, it can be frustrating, it can be heartbreaking. Read the rest of this entry »


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192 Days ’til 40: Dealing with Adult Bullies

When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless. ~ Chris Colfer

Some people won’t be happy until they’ve pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away. ~Donna Schoenrock

What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life? ~ Lynette Mather

I am all for cracking down on inappropriate digital behaviour. Too often the connected world is an excuse for some coward hiding behind a keyboard to bully someone else. ~ Tony Parsons Read the rest of this entry »


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283 Days ’til 40: Do You Want to HIDE?

Actually I ran away from school when I was 13. No one could find me, and the police were called. I was just hiding in a little thicket of grass at my school, and went to sleep. ~ Zhang Ziyi Read the rest of this entry »


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378 Days ’til 40: Who’s Cyberstalking YOU???

So, just WHO is cyberstalking you????  You must be curious – I know I am.  I am employed in a position where I work with many people.  I am CERTAIN that I am googled all the time so that the individuals I work with can find whatever dirt they think may be able to find about me online.  The thing is, I can’t really get angry over this, because I ALSO google them – seeing what information I can learn about them from their footprints left in cyberspace……  what a different world we live in from what I started my career over 20 years ago!

I am worried about two things, and it is not patrons of my place of work or my employees googling me specifically that makes me worried….

1.  I worry if patrons or employees are googling me in hopes to stir up trouble – if that is the goal, well, then that is just sad.

2.  I worry about exes (okay, I can count them on one hand, actually, one finger) tracking me online to see what I am up to (mind you, it would feel perfectly acceptable to me to track someone online – a complete double standard.)

One thing I have learned to do is google myself every month or so – this way I can see what my patrons are seeing.  If there is something attached to you online that should not be (or is an embarrassing post/ site/ etc. from your younger years) remove it – it is best to not leave a footprint in a place you really do not want people to know you have stepped.

The other thing I am more keenly aware of is internet scams and internet identity theft.  If google shows you having memberships to sites you do not regularly use or plan to use, delete them – help remove your cyber footprint – for your own protection.

Enough of the rant and pedestal.

Be careful online, google yourself (everyone you come in contact with will google you – better to know beforehand what they will discover), and relax – life is too short to constantly focus on cyberspace.


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