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84 Days ’til 40: Where is Winter???

We are ready for winter – we want to bundle up in our warm sweaters and put our feather comforters on our beds.  Instead, we walk outside, and the following is the picture we see – it appears that we are still slowly making our way through autumn/ fall. I LOVE the colors of autumn, but I really want the nostalgic feeling that winter brings, particularly those bundled up, warm feelings.  Those feelings that come when you wrap a fuzzy blanket around you and sip hot chocolate and read a book as the rain pours down outside.

Hmmmmm, at this rate, what is the chance of a snow day this year?

Today, 84 days ’til 40, I am thankful for the beauty of the seasons, even when their timing is not the timing I want!



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98 Days ’til 40: Leaves on Asphalt


Another sign of autumn……  I love it when the leaves pile up.  I must confess, when I was a young child I would look for those freshly raked piles of leaves on the lawns of my neighbors…..  AND, I MUST confess, it is possible that, as a young child, I accidentally (on purpose) altered the states of those said leave piles……  by jumping, squealing with delight, and tossing them into the air.  What great fun for me, and somehow the neighbors never caught me!  (Note to all of my former neighbors, I apologize profusely!) Read the rest of this entry »


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146 Days ’til 40: TGIF


I hope you all find peace and relaxation this weekend.  I am sure we all need and deserve it.




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165 Days ’til 40: Pretty Sign of Autumn

Today while we were out we saw – pomegranates, one of my favorite signs that we are moving from summer into autumn. Read the rest of this entry »


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281 Days ’til 40: Thankful for My Bones

Okay, perhaps that is a strange way to title and start my post, but I AM thankful for my bones.  And, today in particular, I am very thankful that all of my bones are in one piece and working the way they should. Read the rest of this entry »


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