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354 Days ’til 40: Handcuffed to My Tech Gadgets

Do you ever feel like a slave to your technology?  I wake up in the morning and check my email on my iPad and when I have time I check into Facebook as well.  I get to work and sign in to my email account, my google calendar, Dropbox, and my work WordPress account.  I am chained to my email most of the day as my primary Read the rest of this entry »


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374 Days ’til 40: Neutralizing Negative People


Negativity.  It is something most of us have the pleasure of coping with every day.  I personally like to believe that most of the negativity comes from outside sources, but if I were being truly honest with myself then I would also need to admit that sometimes I also fall into the pattern of focusing too much of my energy on the negative.

Is your cup half empty or half full? Read the rest of this entry »


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386 Days ’til 40: Getting What You Want (In Difficult Situations)


Today I was reminded again of a lesson I have repeated in my life multiple times – the correct way to get what you want from people.  I actually learned this lesson from being a parent and then applied the (eventually) successful parenting techniques to my interactions with adults that were as hard to control as my strong-willed two-year old (who is now 8). Read the rest of this entry »


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