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166 Days ’til 40: Sleeping Saturday

Sometimes you have one of “those weeks”.  You know the type, don’t you?  Those weeks that end with you unable to keep your eyes open when eating Friday night dinner and find you quickly drooling on your pillow. Read the rest of this entry »


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389 Days ’til 40: Weekends

Continuing on with my work/ life balance quest I have to wonder if I am properly using my weekends.  Today I slept until 11:00 and did almost nothing.  In the moments of doing nothing and sleeping, I often need that downtime….. but afterwards there is often a terrible amount of guilt for not being more productive.  I “should” be spending more time with the girls, doing housework, catching up on projects for the school……

But, there are those days when we do nothing and wonder if it is okay to waste the day.  So, here’s to learning how to waste a day with less guilt… a lesson we should all learn as we head to self-actualization.

Happy Weekend!


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