382 Days ’til 40: Silence

05 Feb

I tried to write a post on silence that looked like this:


But, alas, my partner told me that would be “cheating”.  I, personally, thought it was pretty clever.  Not clever enough to make the final blog cut, though.  That said, I thought I would write about silence anyhow.  I realize that this defeats the purpose a bit, because silence is silence and even the written word can be a nuisance in a silent moment.

I love quiet, I love everything about quiet.  The relaxation, the calm, the ability to get lost in my own thoughts (granted, sometimes they are not necessarily worth getting lost in and, at times, it takes a while to be found!)  But silence really can be heavenly.

In recent years one thing I have noticed is a group of people who do not like silence and quiet.  They always seem to need action and noise around them…. and I wonder….

Sometimes I wonder if this is because they cannot handle silence – they cannot handle what they find in the silence…….. themselves.  For some, silence can be bliss, for others, silence can be terrifying and lonely (or terrifyingly lonely).

I find that embracing the silence, and creating it when life becomes too frenetic, is a way to refresh, rejuvenate, revive.

Silence can allow us to take a big breath of fresh air and know that tomorrow is a new day.

Silence can give us the energy to cope with tomorrow, no matter what it might bring.

It is okay to be quiet, to take the time to discover and listen to that still small voice inside of you that can only be heard in those moments where you pause.  It is okay to question, okay to fear, okay to feel.  In those moments revelation can occur, new insights can be found, new directions can occur, and peace can be experienced.

Yours in quietude~



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