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261 Days ’til 40: Big or Small, You CAN Make an Impact!

I have often heard individuals complain that they are not capable of making a difference.  When they complain, they are full of tons of self denigrating examples, I call them the “I’m Nots”  I am sure you have heard the “I’m nots” from time to time, perhaps you have even spoken them yourself. Read the rest of this entry »


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337 Days ’til 40: Climbing the Mountains in Our Lives

We all have them, challenges in our lives that feel as big as a mountain.  Sometimes the only way to face the challenges in our lives is to climb the mountain!  But HOW do we cope with challenges in our lives?  Are we able to rise to the occasion or do we crumble, frozen in fear and unable to cope? Read the rest of this entry »


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343 Days ’til 40: Your OWN Space

My oldest daughter is the inspiration for this post today.  She was HORRIFIED to learn that I wrote about PMS yesterday, “Mom, that is SOOO embarrassing!”  she said.  She is 10.  I then asked her what topics she felt I should be writing about.  She replied, “What a great idea, I can come up with good things for you to write about!”  One of her first suggestions was to write about getting your own room.  This is very important to my daughter, as she currently shares a room with her younger sister.  My oldest is desperate for her own space.  Thus, the title of today’s post.

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347 Days ’til 40: A Light in the Darkness

“No amount of darkness can put out the light of a single candle.” ~ Author Unknown

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357 Days ’til 40: Slammed Doors, Opened Windows

Doors of Closure, Windows of Opportunity

Every individual I know has had doors shut (or slammed) in their lives.  These closed doors can bring great stress and devastation in a person’s life.  I am going to use my sister as my example (without her permission, Read the rest of this entry »


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360 Days ’til 40: The Importance of Dreams and Fantasy

Today I wanted to say something about the importance of allowing ourselves to have dreams and fantasies.  In this particular case, I am not talking about a one night stand with your favorite celebrity, but rather, dreams and fantasies about your life and your future.

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364 Days ’til 40: Addiction Versus Habit?

Addictions.  We All have them.  Many of us hate them.  Many of us love them.  And, yes, many of us LOVE to HATE them.  Addictions are a tough subject to tackle because there can be a fine line between a healthy habit and an unhealthy addiction.   The reality of the spectrum ranges from health-promoting habits to death-inducing Read the rest of this entry »


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374 Days ’til 40: Neutralizing Negative People


Negativity.  It is something most of us have the pleasure of coping with every day.  I personally like to believe that most of the negativity comes from outside sources, but if I were being truly honest with myself then I would also need to admit that sometimes I also fall into the pattern of focusing too much of my energy on the negative.

Is your cup half empty or half full? Read the rest of this entry »


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375 Days ’til 40: Are You Satisfied???

Are YOU satisfied?

“With what?”  You may ask.

With everything.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, “I can’t get no satisfaction….. Cause I try and I try and I try and I try….”

Are you trying to find satisfaction in your life?  Are you finding it?

What is satisfaction?

The American Heritage Medical Dictionary defines satisfaction as:

  1.  The fulfillment or gratification of a desire, a need, or an appetite.

  2. The pleasure or contentment that is derived from such gratification.

What areas in your life bring you satisfaction???

Are you satisfied at work?  

I believe there are two different attitudes people form towards their work.  There are individuals who go to work simply to bring home a paycheck.  They clock in the necessary hours and very well may look forward to leaving the second the clock says they are allowed to.  They may indeed feel satisfied with their work, though the satisfaction may be financially linked, as opposed to directly correlated with the work itself.  Then there are those people who believe that work is their vocation.  They see their job as a life calling, a mission, a fulfillment (and no, this does not necessarily mean they are fulfilling a religious position).  That said, to these individuals, their jobs can be like a religion.  They believe in what they are doing and find that they are energized and excited by the contribution they are making in the work place.

What I find fascinating is that work satisfaction is not necessarily linked to financial gain or to far-reaching impact.  One of the most satisfying jobs I have ever held was working at a book store.  I LOVED my coworkers, and the hours.  The bosses were reasonable to deal with, and I got to help people find books – for themselves, for their friends, to give as gifts.  And, it NEVER followed me home!  Now, in this job I was not making a far-reaching and lasting impact on anyone, and my finances were certainly not impacted the way I would have liked them to be, but I enjoyed myself, was free of stress, and felt great when I arrived and when I left each day.

Today I make much more of a far-reaching impact.  I work with children, I assist parents  with finding the help they need when their children are not progressing.  The support my staff shares with the students and their parents allows them to assist their children to reach their full potential.  Most days this work is very satisfying, but sometimes it is challenging working with the reality of the many feelings and emotions of the humans who walk through our doors daily.  I should note, the challenges of our work are never the students, but making sure that the teachers and parents are all able to collaborate with the one set goal of assisting the students to achieve their highest potential.

If you are not satisfied with your employment, I would ask yourself why…

Is your job challenging enough?

It is worth your time?

Will you have opportunity to advance?

Do you feel you are making the impact you need to make?

Are you enjoying what you do?

If any of the answers are no, you may want to make sure you are in the best place for you.  Perhaps it is time for a career change?  You are never too old for a new adventure!

Are your relationships satisfying?

Please note – this questions does not solely refer to your love life.  Don’t get me wrong, it is important that people find companionship and love – that they are able to be supported by an individual and are able to connect emotionally and physically.  There are other critical relationships as well – do you have good friends?  Are there people you can call when you really need someone?  Are you on someone’s call list?  Are you available if your friend needs you?

Are you connecting with your family?  Do you know what your children are studying in school?  Do you know your child’s favorite color?  Favorite food?  Favorite subject?  Best friend?  Greatest fear? Highest hopes and dreams?

Are you getting the right things from your relationships?

Do you feel loved? respected? wanted? valued? needed? supported?

Do you treat your partner with support, love, and respect and help them to understand how much you want and value their presence in your life?

The only way to develop relationships that give you satisfaction is for all parties to devote the time and energy necessary to nurture them, all of them.

If you and Mick Jagger have too much in common…. If you really “can’t get no satisfaction” – particularly if it is in multiple areas of your life, I would challenge you.  Find your passion and follow it, in both your career and in your relationships.  I would also challenge you to keep your attitude in check.  Are you not satisfied because your glass is always half empty?  Is there any way – ANY way you can begin to see it as half full?  If so, you may find that satisfaction is lurking closer than you think, just waiting to be discovered.



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396 Days ’til 40: Identity and Value

Who am I???

I have many labels….  I am:

My passport number.

My bank account.

My social security number.

My driver’s license.

My library card.

My student ID.

My airline ticket.

My birth certificate.

My transcripts.

My credentials.

My diplomas.

Am I more?

What is my value???

My paycheck.

My tax return.

My title.

My checking account.

My investments.

My assets.

Is it more?

What if identity had nothing to do with finite labels and everything to do with infinite possibility?

What if value had nothing to do with material possession and everything to do with infinite impact?


I am a mother, striving to be more involved.

I am a partner, yearning to love even more.

I am a friend, wanting to be there, even when I can’t.

I am a daughter, knowing I am one phone call short, but connected all the same.

I am a colleague, desiring to make a difference.

I am a boss, eager to lead with passion and compassion.

I am an educator, aching to impart to the next generation wisdom and hope for their future.


Making a friend smile.

Enabling a sister to cry.

Stimulating a child’s laughter.

Sharing a parent’s joy.

Encouraging an individual’s growth.

Redirecting a teen’s anger and rage.

Imparting the knowledge to many people that they too have value and impact……

and that value is NOT linked to documents or identity.

Identity and value are found in depths of the soul~  and sometimes need a guide to shine a light in the direction of their discovery.  When a person understands their great value, the impact they make on our world flows naturally.  That impact is their true identity.

Numbers do not define.



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