377 Days ’til 40: Winter Illnesses

10 Feb

Over the past month our family seems to be sharing multiple viruses.  It is getting annoying.  It is getting MORE than annoying!  Why is it that my 10-year-old will not share her toys or books but has absolutely no issues sharing her germs – ALL OVER THE HOUSE.  My 8-year-old is not much better.  I told her to cough in her elbow, not her hand, so germs do not spread quite as easily…..  well, she coughs in the direction of her elbow…. but not the same!

Then I was helping a child (8-year-old) at work and he coughed on my hand – multiple times ON MY HAND – and thought it was hilarious when I pointed out that his germs were being catapulted through the air at me.

When I saw that my family was getting sick I was very good about immediately doubling my vitamin C intake – did nothing – NOTHING.  I got virus number 1 – thank you 10-year-old!  That one flattened our entire family and kept my partner and I both out of work for two days.  We fell into bed in a daze and woke up two days and two red noses later…  If we are both going to be off work at the same time, I envision it playing hooky (not that I would ever stoop to that!)  NOT in bed sneezing and miserable.

Virus round two came from my 8-year-old, via my partner (the double pass).  Being that it really tried to knock me down on Thursday mid-morning, I am determined to make it through Friday and crash over the weekend.  This second one gave me a new red nose (since the viruses only gave me a week in between, some of my employees think I have been sick for three weeks consecutively) and a drip like a faucet.  Well, at least people know I am truthful when I say I do not feel well – the nose gives it away.

So, I have managed to rant about viruses and germs and really not say anything at all.  Be careful, wash your hands and sanitize – it helps, but may not completely prevent things when you live with children (or adults who spread their germs too).  Even though Vitamin C did not protect me this time, I still think it is useful – along with chicken soup, healthy diets and regular exercise.

And, of course, my more philosophical comment:  maybe we sometimes get viruses in order to force ourselves to take a moment and slow down for our ridiculously fast-paced lives.  It is not easy to live life at such lighting speeds and sometimes our bodies slow us down when we are not willing to do so ourselves.

Sending warm wishes for a healthy winter~



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